A Sweeter Smile Without Sugar

A Sweeter Smile Without Sugar

Did you enjoy Sugar this Summer?

The best dentist in Regina recommends no sugar.

As the summer has passed, there’s no doubt many of us are wanting to indulge in some ice cream to cool us off in this extreme heat. The temptation is strong and it is so easy to slip into a daily habit of sugary treats. When polled, two in five Canadians said the one thing they cannot live without is sugary foods. Unfortunately, Canadian doctors and healthcare professionals have come to terms with the fact that many of their patients have sugar addictions. Studies show that there is a correlation between oral disease and daily diet. Specifically, the prevalence of the periodontal disease has been linked to sugar and carbohydrate intake.

Two major factors when determining periodontal disease are nutrition and immunity. Periodontal disease usually begins as a small wound and progresses over time into a larger, more invasive issue. In order for this wound to grow, it needs to have access to energy such as sugar and carbohydrates. Although proper dental hygiene can reduce your risks, avoiding these foods altogether is your best bet. Additionally, if vitamin-rich foods and antioxidants are not consumed regularly, immunity will be lacking. Foods like fruit, vegetables, berries and omega-3 acids will improve the body’s ability to find disease, including periodontal (gum) disease.

We have a few facts and tips to keep your gums and body healthy from now on.

Be Careful

The very first tip which we would like to provide is simple: be careful. Many foods which are considered “savory” as opposed to sweet, contain very high amounts of sugar. For example, many sauces, dips, and marinades contain up to 40 grams of sugar per serving. Honey mustard and barbeque sauce are two of the most common offenders. These can lead to even more sugar cravings.

Snack Small

Eating small, balanced snacks throughout the day can help you conquer these sugar cravings. Fruit such as berries is a great way to get that sweet, satisfying flavor without putting yourself at risk for tooth or enamel decay or high blood sugar.

Early Prevention

The best way to prevent or discontinue the progression of periodontal disease is to visit your dental professional right away. Many patients receive annual or bi-annual periodontal exams. Those with compromised immune systems should be especially careful and observant when performing their daily dental routine for any red flags.

Dr. Rusteika knows the signs to look for and can advise you on best practices to avoid a worsening dental situation.  Call his Southland Mall Dental Office now and arrest the decline! – 306-352-6188.


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